Computer Health Check

Do you worry about your computer's health ?    We will inspect your computer and clean the inside for only $50 incl GST (Special introductory Offer)

How old is your computer, now ?

Years Inside Chassis Update Check Hard Drive Life
up to 1½ yrs Little Dust Windows & Software Okay
1½ - 3 yrs Most dust Windows & Software  Check for signs of wear
3 - 4 yrs Heavy dust All checking Consider early replacement
4yrs over Serious dust All checking Need to replace NOW !


Inside Chassis
Whether at your home or work you will accumulate dust in the chassis.  (see below)

Update Check
Make sure Windows & Software are reasonably current and, where appropriate, updated. Keep security updated to guard against hackers

Hard Drive Life span
After 4 years there is a risk of loss of your data if it does not back up properly.  Keep checking your hard drive's health. 

If the  Hard Drive fails you will need assistance to recover your data.  The following photos show you how the disc surface and loss of the tracker head can lead to failure.

See this ?...Well, you can ring us to get a new Hard Drive and full transfer of data from the old Hard Drive.  Your data is safe - better than sorry !